For Sale: 1979 Dodge Magnum XE

he mid-sized Dodge Magnum lasted only two years before being replaced by the smaller Dodge Mirada. A sporty-looking upscale car, the 1978-79 Magnum still has dedicated followers.
Worldwide Enclosed Door To Door Transportation Along With Low Rate And Long Term Financing Available
The Magnum was sold in two forms; the “XE” and the “GT”. It was the last vehicle to use the long running Chrysler B platform. The appearance was somewhat of a rounded off Charger, and was in response to getting a car that would be eligible for NASCAR that would be more aerodynamic, something that the 1975-1978 Charger was not. Styling features included four rectangular headlights behind retractable clear covers, with narrow opera windows, and an optional T-bar or power sunroof. The Magnum was well-featured with power steering, brakes and seats; the suspension included Chrysler’s standard adjustable, longitudinal torsion bars, lower trailing links, and front and rear anti-sway bars. The base engine was the 318 cu in V8 with Lean Burn, while two and four-barrel carbureted 360 cu in and 400 cu in V8s were optional; weight was nearly 3,900 lb.
The Magnum had a design for those who grew up in the muscle car era, but who were now family people. After spending my teens and early 20s in R/Ts and Super Bees, Now having a wife and two children and long trips for vacations. Yet, burning inside was the need for something that didn’t look like dad’s car.
The Magnum had a muscle car look with comfort and room for a family. It sported hideaway headlights, and a sloping nose. Performance wise, the car had a front and rear sway bar, torsion bar suspension, and rear leaf springs. The torsion bar/leaf spring gave the car an edge over coil-spring cars like the Mustang/Camaro.

Sale Information:
Condition: Good
Engine: 2 Barrel 360 V8
Color: Dove Gray
Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Other information:
Original Chrome Wheels
Car Title is Antique
You will receive over $3,000 in spare parts to go with the sale
Current owner is 2nd owner of the vehicle, 1st owner was his sister.

Asking Price: $11,000.00

If interested, contact us at

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Yearly Check up for Synovial Chondromatosis

This will be a continuation of the blog I have written, which can be found at for all previous entries.

I have not have surgery on my right knee for this disease since September 2014, now I am at a yearly visit to make sure that the Synovial Chondromatosis disease has not spread / gotten worse and has not turned cancerous.  Each time I go, I get a CT scan done.  I go to a Doctor that is in the Orthopaedic Surgery department at UPMC Shadyside in Pittsburgh, PA.

Had the CT scan done, and long story short, the disease has not grown since last year and is still a benign tumor.  I still have pieces of it floating around in my leg, in front, on the sides, and behind my knee.  The one on the left side of my leg I can move around.  I thought that it was just a piece of scar tissue floating around, but apparently it is the disease moving around that sometimes gets stuck under my tendons.  When it gets stuck, it is very painful and it is sometimes even more painful to move it to a different location, but that is the only way to stop the pain.

My doctor did say that I could have surgery on it to remove those pieces, it would be a day in and out surgery, not like the past 3 I had where I stayed in the hospital for about 4-5 days each.

Going to this doctor is well worth the 3.5 hour drive as he knows what it is, and most other doctors I have to explain to them what this disease really is.

Below is the test results that are from my CT scan on 7/29/2017:


EXAM(S): CT LOWER EXTREMITY WITHOUT CONTRAST RIGHT CLINICAL HISTORY: Age: 28 years . Gender: Male. Stated history: ” Neoplasm of uncertain behavior, unspecified” Additional history: None. TECHNIQUE: Multiple contiguous transhelical images were obtained. Data was reformatted in sagittal and coronal plane. COMPARISON: CT right lower extremity dated 06/15/2016 FINDINGS: Bones: There are multiple partially mineralized intra-articular bodies within the knee joint, including the suprapatellar recess, medial and lateral gutters intercondylar notch, and posterior recesses. There also intra-articular bodies within a moderate size popliteal cyst and there is a moderate size joint effusion. Mineralized bodies are most extensive in the posterior and posterior lateral aspects of the joint. Although the number of intra-articular bodies is difficult to compare to the prior since several of these bodies have moved; however many several of these bodies have matured and demonstrate progressive mineralization compared to the prior examination. There is a chronic appearing erosion of the posterior lateral tibial plateau. There are patchy areas of demineralization within the distal femur, similar to prior, likely related to osteopenia. There is moderate medial and lateral compartment osteoarthritis. There are tricompartmental marginal osteophytes. Soft tissues: The quadriceps and patellar tendons are grossly intact. The menisci and cruciate and collateral ligaments are suboptimally evaluated with CT.



Also, I just wanted to share some links to some groups and websites that you can join if you have this disease:
Facebook Group

Map of Locations of Members as well as hospitals that have treated this disease

Reddit – Not that popular to be used as of today, but I post up news about the disease


General SC Info


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A year ago on July 2nd…

A year ago on July 2nd, my wife, Kayla found me in the bathroom passed out. It wasn’t from drinking, it was because I had internal bleeding. I had the signs leading up to it during that week, but ignored them, between throwing up small amounts of blood, to blood in my stools. After she got me up, I threw up pure blood all over our bathroom. When the ambulance got to my house, my blood pressure was less than half of what it should have been. Then was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, should have ended up in ICU, but was lucky enough not to. I ended up getting a blood transfusion and had a scope done to find out that I had bleeding ulcers in my stomach and part of my stomach lining has deteriorated. If it wasn’t for Kayla finding me, heck I could have died.

What caused all this? Taking too many NSAIDS (aka ibuprofen, aleeve, advil, etc). I thought I was having back issues, which was why I was taking the meds, when in all reality it could have been my stomach all along. So I would urge everyone to not take any sort of pain relievers for long periods of time (i would avoid acetaminophen as well even though it affects the liver), and see a doctor, chiropractor, etc before you do as much damage as I did.

I thank God everyday for life, for Kayla and glad that she found me when she did. I am also glad that this happened in my own house when she was home and not elsewhere.