USA – The nation where we care more about NFL players than anything else

In a nation where we care more about what overpaid NFL players do than a United States Territory who was literally destroyed.   The territory I am talking about is Puerto Rico.

First, there is a nation in trouble from the Hurricane Maria; we need to all keep them in our thoughts and prayers.  You can donate to the cause here for the Red Cross.

Back on the topic of the National Anthem…

I am sure everyone has noticed that all the media is talking about is the NFL players protest and what President Donald Trump is saying about said topic.

First, I must add that I in no way agree with this form of protest and am not promoting it. I do find it disrespectful towards the United States flag and am not trying to start any arguements.  But, the way the players are protesting, in reality, does not affect any of us in any shape or form.

After speaking to a Co-Worker of mine who is originally from Vietnam, I have changed my perspective, slightly, on this whole NFL protesting issue.  If you don’t know, or missed that class in History, Vietnam is a communist nation.  Think something close to what North Korea is today.  He told me growing up if you did not stand for their national anthem and sing it, not just lip sing, you would get beat harshly.  I am sure if you did in Vietnam what the NFL players are doing here, they would be publically executed. At 18 he left Vietnam and came to the United States of America.  That was 20+ years ago and he is now a U.S. citizen.

Everyone that lives in America should feel lucky that we have Freedom of Speech. We have the First Amendment that reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This same co-worker was at the New England Patriots game on Sunday and was in the area that started the boos for the players knelling.  First of all, booing during the National Anthem is more disrespectful that knelling and second he told me some of the guys that were booing still had hats on which are also disrespectful.

Heck, everyone that complains that there needs to be a peaceful protest and not destruction, but when that peaceful protest happens, in this case during the National Anthem at a NFL game, people get up in arms.  I mean that might not be the best time and place for a protest but it is peaceful.  I am cool with the kneeling of the national anthem by pro players under one condition. They are working, they are in their UNIFORMS and as professionals they are expected to do a job, as professionals….remember that, as professionals. If these professionals want to protest the USA because they consider it bad, or wrong, then Professionals who make wedding cakes, wedding photos, wedding planning can protest gay marriage by not proving services to the LGBT community, and take a knee on the issue. Then hospital Professionals have the right to protest not proving insurance for abortions, or performing abortions as well. They can take a knee on the issue. Police and Firefighters can protest Antifa by not showing up when Antifa members are attacked by regular citizens who fight back. They can take a knee. Trump can protest the press for their unfair coverage of his presidency by taking a knee and not allowing any press (except for fox) in the press briefing room, or on Air Force One, or allow any of his team to interview with anyone (except for Fox). He can take a knee. So I say if the NFL Professionals can take a knee and not perform their duties then other Professionals can do the same thing.

To everyone that is protesting the NFL over the NFL players protesting the National Anthem, are you really protesting the NFL or are you still checking the scores, your fantasy teams, and the news?  If you really want to protest the NFL, cancel your cable because the NFL is still getting money from you even though you’re not watching it.

Most of the players that have commented on the protests have their reasons, and most, if not all, have said that they support our Military and our Country.  I did not agree with everything Obama said and did, but I respected him and prayed for him daily because he was the President of the United States of America.

So to get to my long ranted point, just imagine what we could accomplish as a nation if everyone that Protests and is upset at the Protests if we all work together.

Just remember, the United States flag does not represent Donald Trump. The flag is not a skin color, not a cop, religion, an ideology, Trump, Obama, Lincoln, Washington, and every other President. The flag represents Freedom and all Americans.

End rant.

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