Ways to Save Money: Gift Card Granny

I will be adding another series of the many variety of things to my Blog, this time is Ways to Save Money. 

What is Gift Card Granny?  Well, in short, it is website that posts discounted gift cards found across the web.  Even shows the cards that are currently for sale on eBay.

Save up to 72% on more than 135,000 discount gift cards from your favorite brands. Granny knows best!  Currently the websites has 337,878 gift cards on sale.  Also every major (non Mom and Pop) stores is on there, including online stores.

Company Overview

Gift Card Granny is the most enigmatic member of The Frugals family: A kindly old lady with bifocals, a walker and one mean snickerdoodle recipe. But appearances can be deceiving. Gift Card Granny, the wisest of the brood, devised an ingenious way to defeat overspending with discount gift cards. As she aged, Gift Card Granny realized plastic can be used for more than birthdays and Christmas. The frugal fanatic experimented until she had a breakthrough: Granny discovered gift cards sold at a discount can be used for such everyday purchases as groceries, gas and clothing.


The comparison marketplace is the culmination of Gift Card Granny’s money-saving wisdom. It’s a cozy place to buy, sell and trade gift cards. Shoppers are guaranteed the deepest discount and protected from Granny’s arch-nemesis: buyers remorse. Here you’ll find over 15,000 cards from hundreds of merchants in one convenient location. Cards culled from one of six trusted resellers can regularly be found for up to 50% off face value. Like many superheroes, the marketplace has a sidekick: The “sell” section is dedicated to preventing gift cards from becoming dust collectors. Shoppers who no longer want a card can sell it through the website for up to 90% cash back. The comparison function is a simple way to find the best offer from any of the six resellers. The Gift Card Alerts feature is the gray-haired financiers latest endeavor. You can sign up for e-mails alerts, select the gift cards you want and receive an electronic reminder. Every time a coveted new card goes on sale, you’ll be among the first to know. Your selection can be changed at any time using an intuitive point-and-click menu.


Despite her modest demeanor, Gift Card Granny is a constant fixture in national publications. She has been seen on CBS’s The Early Show, in the ink of The Los Angeles Times, and on the web pages of Walletpop and Mashable.

After explaining what Gift Card Granny is all about, I thought that I would share what cards I follow for discounts.  I get daily emails about these and you can set up many stores under your alerts.


Amazon MP3



Christmas Tree Shops

Giant Foods

Google Play






Playstation Network

Papa Johns


Sams Club





Verizon Wireless

If you are interested in signing up and checking out these offers, signup is free, and you can go here.

Feel free to ask me and questions!

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