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Music is always a passion to almost everyone nowadays.  I listen to everything from Heavy Metal to Hip-Hop to Pop to Folk Music, everything except for Country music.  When most people sit back and like to listen to Country music for comfort, it just makes me angry.  Then again, Heavy Metal music calms me down.

Within the past few years I purged my music library to get rid of a lot of negative music.  My music library only consisted of Christian artists.  Within the past year or two, I have become more open again and have been exploring some of the secular music, and when I mean secular I mean bands that do not consider themselves a Christian Band.  The swearing in music no longer bothers me, as long as it is used in context to express meaning to something and not just swearing for the fun of it.   Also, as long as the lyrics aren’t being completely negative, talking about using drugs, sleeping with women, etc. then I am up for checking out new music.  So if you are in a band and not listed on my list below, I am willing to check out your music!

I also am a fan of buying music.  No illegal downloading here.  Yes, I do have a Google Play account, but I still buy CD’s and T-Shirts of all of my favorite bands!  You can’t say you like an artist if you just stream there music for $10 a month on whatever streaming service you use, because that supports the band very little.

Below is a list of my favorite bands in each of my “main” genres.  You can click on their photo to check out their Websites.  All photos are copyright to the band and/or their photographers.

Rock – Disciple

Disciple was one of the first Christian band I listened too, this started back in 2007.  There music has helped me through some rough times and I still love their music today.  I respect what Kevin Young (lead singer) has done with the band over the course of 25+ years spreading the good word of Jesus. I have seen lots of people accept Jesus through his sermons, well not sermons but mid set speech.  Kevin, you happen to read this, I just want to say that you have been playing longer than most of your fans have been alive (joke intended).

Metal – Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter was the first metalcore band CD I bought back in 2008.  That CD was Storm the gates of Hell.  Even though they do not tour much anymore, I try to see them when I can and it seems that they are always swinging by my area of PA.

Metal (new) – Fit For A King

One day when Demon Hunter calls it quits (I hope no time soon), Fit For A King will overtake them as my number 1 Metal band.  I actually found out about them most recently, within the past few years.  Love the message they present in their music and what they stand for.

Hip-Hip – Thi’sl

Thi’sl, just check out his music.  This guy has been through so much in his life, I respect this guy and love what he is doing in his city, and around the world.  I know some of his story; I will not share it because I do not want to get anything wrong.  His lyrics are real and he spreads the message well.

Female Fronted Rock & Metal – The Letter Black

I have been a long time fan of The Letter Black since their original band name Breaking the Slience and their newest CD just knocked it out of the park with making them my #1 female front rock & metal band.  Just check them out!

All the rest of my favorites, these are in alphabetical order with some other categories.  You can click on the band name to see their website / Facebook page.


12 Stones

3 Times Driven

7eventh Time Down

As We Ascend

Day of Fire

Decyfer Down

Family Force 5

Love and Death (Brian “Head” Welch of Korn’s band)

Matty Mullins

Nine Lashes


Project 86

The Protest

Random Hero


Seventh Day Slumber




Thousand Foot Krutch

Three Days Grace

Write This Down



Ace Augustine

August Burns Red


Becoming the Archetype

Betraying the Martyrs

Blood of the Martyrs

The Browning


Death Therapy

Destroy the Runner

The Devil Wears Prada

For All Eternity


The Ghost Inside



Impending Doom

Memphis May Fire

Miss May I

Nothing Left

Righteous Vendetta

Rival Choir


Wage War

War of Ages

Wolves at the Gate



Andy Mineo


Derek Minor



Rapture Ruckus


Female Fronted Rock & Metal Bands:

Drive Thru Society




Gold Frankincense and Myrrh

Icon For Hire

Lacey Sturm (Former Flyleaf Lead Singer)

Light Up The Darkness






Beckah Shae

Britt Nicole



Punk & Other:

Children 18:3

Flatfoot 56



Disfunct and bands on Hiatus that need to come back! (Any bands that did not put out new music in the past few years):

The Ascendicate – Metal

Blessed By A Broken Heart – Rock

End of September – Female Fronted Rock

Exiting the Fall – Metal

Fades Away – Rock

For Today – Metal

Haste the Day – Metal

Lastwatch – Female Fronted Rock

A Plea for Purging – Metal

The Showdown – Metal

Since October – Rock

Texas in July – Metal

Those Who Fear – Metal

We As Human – Rock

Here is also a link to my Workout Playlist on Google Play.

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