A year ago on July 2nd…

A year ago on July 2nd, my wife, Kayla found me in the bathroom passed out. It wasn’t from drinking, it was because I had internal bleeding. I had the signs leading up to it during that week, but ignored them, between throwing up small amounts of blood, to blood in my stools. After she got me up, I threw up pure blood all over our bathroom. When the ambulance got to my house, my blood pressure was less than half of what it should have been. Then was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, should have ended up in ICU, but was lucky enough not to. I ended up getting a blood transfusion and had a scope done to find out that I had bleeding ulcers in my stomach and part of my stomach lining has deteriorated. If it wasn’t for Kayla finding me, heck I could have died.

What caused all this? Taking too many NSAIDS (aka ibuprofen, aleeve, advil, etc). I thought I was having back issues, which was why I was taking the meds, when in all reality it could have been my stomach all along. So I would urge everyone to not take any sort of pain relievers for long periods of time (i would avoid acetaminophen as well even though it affects the liver), and see a doctor, chiropractor, etc before you do as much damage as I did.

I thank God everyday for life, for Kayla and glad that she found me when she did. I am also glad that this happened in my own house when she was home and not elsewhere.

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